Red Hill rainbow

After work, was chasing the Strava climbing challenge for January and saw this rainbow on my first lap of Red Hill.  It had disappeared by the second lap. If you look closely, you can make out a second outer rainbow!


On top of Red Hill


Simba is 2

Today Simba is a little less puppy and a little more adult but still the same ball of fun. He remains the same gentle and caring dog from birth and continues to be inquisitive at the dog park with others. But most proud of all, he now belts out his booming deep barks to strange noises out the front.

Here’s a few photos of him on his favourite mat over the two years.

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Simba just making sure I wasn't lost... again

Surf Beach

It had only been about 8 weeks since my last coastal trip but with the usual Jan/Feb HR activities intensifying and completed, I felt I had to go chill and recharge.  So I took my dependent furkid and headed to a new favourite of mine: Surf Beach, situated just south of Batemans Bay.  Photos after the fold.

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table of contents plus image

Table of Contents Plus 1402 released

Available via the WordPress repository, changes include:

  • Added German translation courtesy Cord Peter
  • Modify toc_get_index API function to also reset minimum number of headings to 0.
  • Removing the TOC+ widget from the sidebar no longer requires you to uncheck the ‘Show the table of contents only in the sidebar’ option. It will be reset on removal.
  • Delay count of headings until disqualified have been removed. Thanks to Simone di Saintjust for raising it.
  • Using the TOC+ widget, you can now limit the display to selected post types. Thanks to Pete Markovic for the idea.
  • Updated translation file (extra options added).

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Fusion Labs

Fusion labs concluded, results tabled

I embarked on a personal food journey at the start of September last year that would see a swag full of new tastes and experiences never before travelled. The challenge: to attempt a new dish each week until the end of the year and subject them to judgement, humility, tears, joy, laughter, greatness. My side goal was to hold back delivering food poisoning to those dishing out sub par critiques :)

So how did the dishes fare? Let’s take a look.

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