Table of Contents Plus 1108 released

The 1108 release is now available in the WordPress repository.  Here are the changes:

  1. New: option to hide the title on top of the table of contents.  Thanks to Andrew for the suggestion.
  2. New: option to preserve existing theme specified bullet images for unordered list elements.
  3. New: option to set the width of the table of contents.  You can select from a number of common widths, or define your own.
  4. Allow 3 to be set as the minimum number of headings for auto insertion.  The default stays at 4.
  5. Now accepts heading 1s (h1) within the body of a post, page or custom post type.
  6. Now creates new span tags for the target rather than the id of the heading.
  7. Now uses the heading as the anchor target rather than toc_index.
  8. Adjusted CSS styles for lists to be a little more consistent across themes (eg list-style, margins & paddings).
  9. Fixed: typo ‘heirarchy’ should be ‘hierarchy’.  Also thanks to Andrew.
  10. Fixed: addressed an issue while saving on networked installs using sub directories.  Thanks to Aubrey.
  11. Fixed: closing of the last list item when deeply nested.

Still to come:

  • Back to top links
  • Better customisation of colours

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