Table of Contents Plus 1108.1 released

The 1108 release introduced the use of heading content to create anchor targets rather than a predefined piece of text.  This was fine for English or other sites that uses ASCII characters.  1108.1 is a maintenance release which mostly addresses character sets for international sites.  Here are the changes:

  1. Anchor targets (eg anything after #) are now limited to ASCII characters as some mobile user agents do not accept internationalised characters.  This is also a recommendation in the HTML spec.  A new advanced admin option has been added to specify the default prefix when no characters qualify.
  2. Make TOC, Pages and Category labels compatible with UTF-8 characters.
  3. Support ‘ ” characters in labels as it was being escaped by WordPress before saving.

Still to come:

  • Back to top links
  • Better customisation of colours
  • Hide/show TOC link