Table of Contents Plus 1109 released

1109 is now available on the WordPress repository.  It is a small maintenance release polishing off a few things:

  1. Adjusted hide action for a smoother transition.
  2. Apply custom link and hover colours (when selected) to show/hide link in the title.
  3. Renamed jquery.cookie.min.js to jquery.c.min.js to overcome false positive with mod_security.  Mod_security would block requests to this file which would break the ability to save a user’s show/hide preference.  In some cases, it has also broken other javascript functionality.  Additionally, a better graceful non disruptive fallback is now in place to prevent possible repeat.  Thanks goes to Shonie for helping debug the issue.
  4. Moved ‘visibility option’ into ‘heading text’.
  5. Fixed: restored smooth scroll effect for Internet Explorer since 1108.2 introduced ‘pathname’ checks.

If you run into issues, or have suggestions, please make them at