Table of Contents Plus 1111 on Remembrance Day

A new update will be made available on the WordPress repository on Remembrance Day (that’s 11th November) 2011.  In my opinion, this release is quite a large update with a mixture of new features, mechanical changes, and bug fixes.  Most were a result of your suggestions and feedback so keep at it

Here’s the changelog (it may change slightly between now and then though):

  • New: option to adjust the font size.  Thanks to DJ for the suggestion.  The default remains at 95%.
  • New: advanced option to select the heading levels (1 to 6) to be included.  Thanks to those that hinted about wanting to achieve this.
  • New: you can now have the TOC appear in the sidebar via the TOC+ widget.  Thanks to Nick Daugherty and DJ for the suggestion.
  • The TOC shortcode now supports the heading_levels attribute to allow you to limit the headings you want to appear in the table of contents on a per instance basis.  Separate multiple headings with a comma.  For example: include headings 3, 4 and 5 but exclude the others with
    [toc heading_levels="3,4,5"]
  • The TOC shortcode also supports the wrapping attribute with possible values: left or right.  This lets you wrap text next to the table of contents on a per instance basis.  Thanks to Phil for the suggestion.
  • Better internal numbering system to avoid repeated headings.  This means that for non-repeated headings, there is no trailing number in the anchor.
  • Fixed: repeated headings on the same level are no longer broken.  For users with international character sets, please report any strange garbage characters in your headings (eg a character ends up being a question mark, square symbol, or diamond).  Thanks to Juozas for the assistance.
  • Fixed: removed PHP notices on a verbosely configured PHP setup.
  • Fixed: suppress TOC frame output when heading count was less than the minimum required.


  • Consolidated information about shortcodes and their attributes into the help tab.
  • Note: when removing the last TOC+ widget, please make sure you disable the “Show the table of contents only in the sidebar” option otherwise your table of contents won’t appear where you’d expect. I will look to address this in the future.