Table of Contents Plus 1112 released

1112 is mostly a maintenance release and is now available on the WordPress repository.  Here’s the changelog:

  1. New: auto width option added which takes up only the needed amount of horizontal space up to 100%.
  2. Removed trailing – or _ characters from the anchor to make it more pretty.
  3. This plugin’s long name has changed from “Table of Contents+” to “Table of Contents Plus”.  The short name remains as “TOC+”.
  4. Fixed: when using the TOC shortcode within your content, your post or article would display the TOC on the homepage despite having the exclude from homepage option enabled.  If you also used the “more tag”, then you may have resulted with an empty TOC box.  These are now addressed.
  5. Fixed: all anchors ending with “-2” when no headings were repeated.  This was caused by plugins and themes that trigger `the_content` filter.  The counters are now reset everytime `the_content` is run rather than only on initialisation.

If you run into issues, or have suggestions, please make them at