Table of Contents Plus 1207 released

This is the first release for 2012 and includes:

  • New: when smooth scrolling is enabled, allow the top offset to be specified to support more than the WordPress admin bar (such as Twitter Bootstrap).  The offset is displayed in the advanced section after you have enabled smooth scrolling.  Thanks to Nicolaus for the suggestion.
  • Allow 2 headings to be set as the minimum (used to be 3).  Thanks to Fran for justifying it.
  • Run later in the process so other plugins don’t alter the anchor links (eg Google Analytics for WordPress).
  • Do not show a TOC in RSS feeds.  Thanks to Swashata for raising it.
  • Bump tested version to WordPress 3.5-alpha.
  • Added help material about why some headings may not be appearing.
  • Added banner image for WordPress repository listing.
  • Updated readme.txt with GPLv2 licensing.

This version does not yet support content that have been split up into multiple pages using the <–nextpage–> quicktag.

If you run into issues, or have suggestions, please make them at