Table of Contents Plus 1208 released

Just tagged the 1208 release.  Changelog:

  • New: advanced option to prevent the output of this plugin’s CSS. This option allows the site owner to incorporate styles in one of their existing style sheets. Thanks to Ivan and Swashata for suggesting it.
  • Added Simplified Chinese translation thanks to icedream
  • Make more translatable by adding a translation POT file in the languages folder. Translations welcome!
  • Adjust multibyte string detection as reported by johnnyvaughan
  • Support PHP 5.4.x installations. Thanks to Josh for raising it.
  • Fixed: -2 appearing in links when using the TOC+ widget. Thanks to Arturo for raising it.

This version does not yet support content that have been split up into multiple pages using the <–nextpage–> quicktag.

If you run into issues, or have suggestions, please make them at