Ireland - England 2012

County Wicklow

Tom had a later start this morning so he joined me for breakfast.  I had the full Irish breakfast this time and Tom had scrambled eggs with rashers of bacon.

I joined up with my group of day tourers and headed out to County Wicklow, about 1.5 hour drive south of Dublin.  The trip took us to some famous areas that were included in movies like P.S. I Love You, Braveheart, and Excalibur.

The group split up and I went onto do some horse riding.  My horse was named Jerry.  At first it seemed that he wanted to walk me, rather me him as my horse did multiple turns as the others stayed put.  In the end my horse was the only horse facing the opposite direction.  After a little bit of time, and some male bonding, Jerry accepted me as his master and took care of me as we did our 30min training which included the basics: holding the leash, feet positions, steering and some trotting.  Afterwards we went out for an hour long ride.  Our horse riding group consisted of two USA college students (studying nursing and criminology) from Boston and an older couple from Northern Ireland.

After this, we regrouped and moved onto some famous areas that were featured in films.  The most noticeable for me was the lake where Excalibur came out.  The weather was average, started out sprinkling, then rain but lucky it became sunny during the horse riding and came OK for the rest of the afternoon.  The low part of the day was on our way back to Dublin, we were unfortunate to be in a minor car accident.  We were heading straight and had the right of way, a car came out whilst turning right and didn’t look left.  Our transport had minor cosmetic damage but their car veered off the road into the ditch.  An elder (probably over 70) came out of the other car looking a bit dazed and in shock.  We were lucky that a coach that came behind us offered to take the group back to Dublin.

On this tour, I met some nice college students from Boston, USA; a local that had been teaching English in Genoa, Italy for the last 9 years; another Grade 5-12 English and German teacher from Germany; some from Holland and a couple from Malta.


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  1. Peter A says:

    Great blog. It looks like you are having a cool time. Fantastic photos too. It was a super unpleasant day in Canberra today. Windy, rainy and cold. Keep having fun.

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