Ireland - England 2012

Dublin again

I had a great night’s sleep and woke up around 9am.  It would appear that I’ve finally adjusted to the time difference.  Europeans have it so lucky, they have so many different countries to visit, so much background and history at their very door step – and most speak English.  And America is only 7 hours away.

I started today with the scrambled eggs with bacon like Tom had the other day.  It was a nice cafe and offered free wifi which I took onboard uploading some of my photos.

I then checked out, left my luggage and took a walk to see the Tall Ships docked on the River Liffey.  There were many stalls, circuses, activities, food and people everywhere.  Samsung even had their own stall advertising their main products.  Naturally, it was the only technological hut – you might consider this as either brilliant or just pure stupid.

Unfortunately, it started to rain… again.  I decided to move onto the next hotel checkin point and on my ride to the Carlton, I learnt from my conversation with the taxi driver:

  • On a calm day, you can actually see the lands of the USA
  • St Patrick did indeed chase out the snakes but he said there were still some in parliament (and I responded by asking how they compared to wolves particularly of the red haired kind)

For dinner, we had a three course meal down in the lobby.  Tom had the soup of the day and I had the salad for entrees.  We moved onto the steaks for mains and later dessert.  I’m still on the search for a good juicy steak.


One thought on “Dublin again

  1. Davidn says:

    some really nice pics so keep em coming, the tall ships and the foodie shots are great so looks like your’ve mastered the camera. Hope you find that elusive juicy steak! 🙂

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