Ireland - England 2012


The drive from Windermere to Liverpool took around 1.5 hours but felt very short with all the things to look at along the way (and of course the 130km/h motorways helped).  There are some strange roundabouts here, especially the ones with traffic lights on the roundabout itself!  A work colleague warned me about Swindon’s magic roundabout which we’ll fully avoid.

After checking in, our actual day in Liverpool was short and it didn’t help with the constant sprinkling.  There were some tallships in town and they too had their own special race.

Our hotel is in a great location, on the edge of the River Mersey and dead in the middle of Albert Dock which houses the main attractions.  Our window overlooks the Big Wheel.

For dinner, we went into the Spice Lounge in Albert Dock and it was a fantastic decision.  We had a butter and cheesie naan bread, boiled rice, Chicken Korma (left dish, pansy heat), Saag Aloo (spinach with potatoes, middle dish), and Chandni Chowk (lamb, medium heat, right dish).  We were fighting each other for the lamb dish and it was the perfect medium heatness.  The entire meal was fantastic so if you’re in the area, give it a try – we’ll surely be coming back again.

Day 2 (1 Sept)

We went to the World Museum which had exhibitions on Egypt, the Roman empire, dinosaurs, an aquarium, and a section on photography.  After which, we walked around St George’s Hall which used to house a court and gaol underneath.

For dinner, we went back to the Spice Lounge and ordered Murgh Tikka Karara for starters, Chandni Chowk (the same lamb dish), Chicken Chengizi (which was quite sweet), and Saag Paneer for veggies (spinach and cheese).

Day 3

This was a lazy day, went to the Museum of Liverpool where we learnt that Everton is regarded as the Queanbeyan of Liverpool.  Tom is in revolt for his favourite team.

We had to go to the Spice Lounge for our last meal with them.  It must have been our best curries ever.


4 thoughts on “Liverpool

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in Liverpool – I originate from there (now living 50 miles due south) and my first Summer job was working in the tourism information office in the early 1980’s.

    It’s a shame that Everton is the poor relation in Merseyside football, but you never know. The things that David Moyes has done with the team over the past 10 years, on a shoestring budget is amazing. The club certainly need to hold on to him and inject some proper funding to build a great team, that can challenge the top 3 positions.

    Here’s hoping for some oil rich investors, who like the colour blue and want to buy a sleeping giant 🙂

    Seriously, though I only started reading your blog, as I’m about to start to use your excellent Table of Contents plugin.

    memo to self: next time in Liverpool book into the Spice Lounge – curry is the food of the gods.

  2. nestor says:

    Do you have a list of restaurants around London that are worth going to and have food worth getting out of the way? Your entry on London seems to state your disappointment in the local food.

    • Mike T says:

      Tim D suggested I try the world famous Cornish Pasty which I found on Oxford St. I tried but it was dreadful – it looked nice on the shelf but they microwaved it and lost the crispness.

      If you want to go oriental, try Leicester Square which is the London China Town. Not sure which restaurant though. It’s such a hit and miss in London as there are so many restaurants, you really need local knowledge.

      For Liverpool though, I highly recommend the Spice Lounge as described in this article.

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