Ireland - England 2012

Beaulieu, Stonehenge and Batheaston

Beaulieu (locals pronouce it bew-lee) is home to the national motor museum, Beaulieu Abbey and is situated in the New Forest National Park.  Driving to this destination, we saw free roaming horses, donkies and cows and within habitated areas.  They were behaved enough to come close to and pet.  The Abbey dates back to 1204 but this time I was there for the automotive kind.

For one year only, one of the museum’s exhibitions showcases 50 vehicles from the 007 Bond movies.  It is the single most largest collection in the world.

The most expensive car in the museum is worth about 8 million pounds and they still take it out to the races.


On top of the fence surrounding the region, those that pay are restricted to a path that takes you around the wonder.  As shown on the sign, you cannot run up to the stones – or anywhere near it.


The Old Mill Hotel was our pit stop for the night for a long day at Bath tomorrow.  It did have a nice Italian restaurant though.


3 thoughts on “Beaulieu, Stonehenge and Batheaston

    • Mike T says:

      I’m out in Bishops Castle which is a small town of about 1500 people and I’ve got no internet unless I’m in the bar. Good Luck 😀

  1. davidn says:

    I found Beaulieu really interesting – soo much history…does Nick Mason (of Pink Floyd fame) still have all his Ferrari’s parked there?
    Stonehenge hasn’t changed much – funny that 🙂
    Keep those foodie shots coming!

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