Table of Contents Plus 1211 released


  • New: allow %PAGE_TITLE% to be used in the TOC title.  Note that this also works in the widget title too.  When used, this variable will be replaced with the current page’s title.  Thanks to Peter for the request.
  • New: new option to hide the TOC initially.  Thanks to Jonas, Jonathan, and Doc Germanicus for requesting it.
  • New: added ability to customise visited TOC link colour.
  • New: option to restrict generation to a URL path match.  For example, you can restrict to wiki pages that fall under http://domain/wiki/ by entering /wiki/ into the field.  The setting can be found in the advanced options.  Thanks to Tux and Justine Smithies for suggesting it.
  • Make regular expressions less greedy.  That means you can have multiple headings on a single line whereas before you needed to ensure each heading was on their own line.  Thanks to drdamour for raising and providing a fix.
  • Also make regular expressions match across multiple lines.  This means you can have your single heading split across many lines.
  • Better accessibility: when using smooth scrolling, allow for focus to follow the target, eg tabbing through will continue from the content block you clicked through to.
  • Better performance: as requested by a few, javascript files have been consolidated into one and both javascript and CSS files are now minified.
  • ‘Auto’ is now the default width which means it’ll take up the needed amount of space up to 100%.  The previous default was a fixed width of 275px.
  • Added the ability to exclude entire branches when using [sitemap_pages] and [sitemap_categories] using the exclude_tree attribute.  Thanks to Benny Powers for requesting it.
  • Wrap index numbers around span tags to enable easier CSS customisation.  The spans are have two classes: toc_number and toc_depth_X where X is between 1 and 6.  Thanks to Matthias Krok for requesting it.
  • Moved the ‘preserve theme bullets’ option into the advanced section.
  • Updated and simplified the translation file.
  • Fixed: [sitemap_categories] using the wrong label when none was specified.  Thanks to brandt-net for raising it.  The labels for both [sitemap_pages] and [sitemap_categories] may be removed in a future update as you can insert the title within your content.

If you run into issues, or have suggestions, please make them at