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Lamb pie with potato crust

As my brother was going through the psychology section of the book store, I flicked through a handful of cooking books and found the lamb pie recipe. Not only did it look great in glossy print but it appeared easy to make skimming through. I bought the book for a steal of $5, just a little bit more than a large coffee!

So this would become my second lamb dish in this challenge with the first being sizzling lamb koftas. The wraps brought a refreshing change to the beef burritos I normally make. And the use of plain low fat yoghurt added to the fresh healthy feeling. So the lamb pie would need to be convincing to compete.

And compete it did. To my taste, I found it delicious mostly because it did not have the powerfully strong and unique lamb flavour. I don’t normally eat lamb for this very reason but this was beaut!

Lamb Pie with Potato Crust

I tried to be a little fancy with the plating and thought I could pull off a pac man presentation but then realised I had no real estate to play with, and I lacked the artistic prowess required.  I was also very hungry by this time.

Lamb Pie with Potato Crust 2

The ingredients in this dish were:

  • potatoes
  • milk
  • French mustard
  • minced lamb
  • celery
  • carrots
  • corn kernels
  • broccoli
  • oats
  • beef stock
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • onions
  • salt/pepper

This is definitely going onto my regular rotation.


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