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Buttermilk chicken and mango jelly

Loved the lamb pie with potato crust we had last week, I made it again yesterday and this time was even better. This time around, I kept all of the juices that seeped out of the lamb rather than reducing it – which retained most of the unique lamb flavour – and baked it for 5 minutes less. This resulted in more moisture that you’d expect out of any pie. But less about the pie and more about the new dish for tonight.

The chicken tenderloins were marinated in the buttermilk, lemon zest and garlic mixture for an hour before being rolled in freshly made breadcrumbs and parsley. These were then pan-fried for a few minutes either side and then plated up with some mashed sweet potatoes, snow peas and asparagus.

There was nothing left to the recipe (it didn’t even ask for salt and pepper so I added some with the breadcrumb anyway). This was simple and in my opinion was lacking a sauce or dressing as it was a little bland. Although you could taste the lemon highlights and when you did, they were a welcome addition to the chicken and buttermilk, however, I believe it needed a little bit of sweetness overall. The sweet potatoes were great but didn’t fulfill my sweet desire. Even the veggies in the picture looks plain without a drizzle of something.

buttermilk chicken

It’s an alright dish, however, next time I will try adding a cranberry based sauce or perhaps a very light gravy. This was still better than my laksa turned pumpkin soup attempt 🙂

For dessert, I gave a go at some mango jelly with bananas and passionfruit. They were very sour so I may not put any passionfruit next time. Actually, I probably wouldn’t make this next time but that said, those that enjoy eating grapefruit may also enjoy this.

mango jelly