Scratch one personal goal

For as long as I could remember (read: 2-3 weeks), I’ve had an ambitious goal of riding around all of Canberra’s lakes in one sitting. This was something I had never contemplated doing, ever, let alone since May of this year when I started riding again after earning my driver’s license back in the late 90s!

Here’s a summary: 118.4km, 1054m climbed, 4:37hr moving time.

There’s much more dedicated cyclists out there commuting to and from work, racking up their hundreds of kms each week as they conquer mountains and reach the ends of the territory. But this was just for me, my own personal goal, so focus and be awesome (that’s usually my motto).

The forecast for Saturday was perfect. Low 20s, under 10km/h winds. It was a green light.

Aside from sleeping in longer than desired (I blame Simba for not waking up either), I got out and headed for the furthest lake from Gilmore, Lake Ginninderra. It was my first time riding around there so wasn’t expecting the many temptations along the way, including an all you can eat Yum Cha. But you know, inner strength, dedication, commitment, and all of the other good qualities in me overcame the distractions and so I battled through (or perhaps I didn’t bring enough money).

Simba’s favourite sleeping position

Feeling great as I got to the top of the Lake, I thought why not go that extra to Gungahlin Pond and so I did but turned around when the path ended. This area was foreign to me, swampy parts, shady people, funny smells and paths that just send you onto oncoming traffic – hmm, is that what northerners do for fun?

So back I went and continued my lake journey. I threw in Black Mountain and Mt Pleasant cause I didn’t know when I’d be doing something like this again. Legs really started to ache after Black Mountain but I knew my coffee flavoured gelato on the other side of the lake was closing in.

Now that I’ve had a chance to reflect, I believe the gelato and the sundae treat at Lake Tuggeranong were the two highest motivating elements to my ride – forget fitness, endurance, health. Dangle a dessert in front of me to motivate me.

If you have Strava, you can check out all the details at http://app.strava.com/activities/97775150



2 thoughts on “Scratch one personal goal

  1. Phuong. says:

    Unbelievable achievement!!!! Yes, for a person who used to be in front of computer and with a little start in riding, you made yourself fit and completely changed.
    We admire you !
    Ba Nam.

  2. Wow! – in fact, Wow Wow (no offence to Simba)!! Michael, we are in awe of your prowess and feeling rather guilty at our lazy habits – but then, we are a bit elderly. Have a recuperating hot bath and may you not ache too much as you face work tomorrow. With much love from Ba Nam and Robin.

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