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Rocky Road Sundae

Most times we go to Hog’s Breath, we usually skip the entrees to ensure we have enough room for the delicious rocky road sundae. Four servings of awesome in one massive glass to share amongst the brave (or dumb depending on where you stand).

So the rocky road sundae was on my hitlist and I really wanted to topple my sticky date pud. I tried but no matter how much I try, there’s just nothing that will come close to the pud.

This had a warm chocolate mud cake – which took me close to bloody 2hrs alone damnit! Next time I think I’ll just buy one for $5 to save the time and trouble. I added some cut up marshmellows, Turkish delight and sprinkled over some pomegrante seeds. I probably shouldn’t have skipped a choc or strawberry sauce.

Would I make this again? Probalby not, but if I were, I’d probably add the chocolate lava cake as the river of chocolate ooze would be enough for a sauce.