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Middle Eastern sausage rolls

These past two weeks have seen essentially mango everything. On average, I’d say I’d have a mango by itself each day and then I’d later make 3 thickshakes out of another two. The shakes are fanbloodytastic and are mixed with natural goodness: low fat plain yoghurt and a swirl of fresh honey. One of these days, probably before Xmas, I’ll be trying out a mango salsa to go with the ham!

But enough about the mangos, and more about these Middle Eastern sausage rolls.

Sliced half a kilo of pumpkins into 5mm slices then placed on a tray and drizzled with olive oil on both sides. Baked in the oven for about 20 minutes to soften them up. Couldn’t resist but threw the crispy ones straight down the gob, yum!

The remaining were roughly chopped up and mixed in with the mince, fresh breadcrumbs, cheese, coriander, egg, salt/pepper and Moroccan spices. The mixture was then placed and rolled onto some puff pastry and then brushed with egg and finally sprinkled with some pistachio dukkah before baking for 30 minutes.

To maintain the effort and sophistication thus far (or at least its facade), a dipping sauce made of low fat plain yoghurt, finely chopped up garlic, squeeze of lemon and its zest was provided to accompany this delicious Middle Eastern flavour.

They tasted great and were a fitting lunchtime snack. Surprisingly, they were quite fulfilling and what I liked best was knowing what went into them – healthy stuff.

I will definitely make these again and again – maybe I’ll try putting sweet potatoes (instead of the pumpkin) next time.


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  1. Phuong. says:

    Very interesting things from a very interesting person. I couldn’t believe there is such person in our family.
    Riding bike and cooking healthy food as hobbies. Well done! Keep going.
    Elizabeth Ba Nam.

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