Surf Beach

It had only been about 8 weeks since my last coastal trip but with the usual Jan/Feb HR activities intensifying and completed, I felt I had to go chill and recharge.  So I took my dependent furkid and headed to a new favourite of mine: Surf Beach, situated just south of Batemans Bay.  Photos after the fold.

It’s nicely located and is less than 5 minutes walk to shops, restaurants, and two-legged only beaches.  More importantly, it was also about the same distance to a dog friendly beach with plenty of walking trails.  We stayed in a studio apartment with everything you could want and more: open alfresco, bbq, cappuccino coffee maker, 42″ LCD, and a nice hifi with iPod dock yeehaa!  I admired the large slates the most as it’s something I’d be putting into my place this year.

I even managed to squeeze in a couple of rides, the longest was from Batemans Bay to Broulee and back totalling around 55km:

Took the following snaps too:

Definitely beats a day in the office!

Someone told me that the best fish and chips was found in Batemans Bay so I headed into the most busiest one in the middle of town.  I was determined and had enough will power to continue past distrations like Dominos and Hogs Breath.  I asked for their best fish and a few calamari rings and when asked if I wanted chips, I refused politely giving them quite stunned looks.  The fish was smaller than the usual one we got back home but it was yummo.  When asked if they sourced their fishes locally, the response was that they weren’t due to the marine parks but they were Australian which was good enough for me.  Would I get it again?  Yep!  But maybe two, for me.