Table of Contents Plus 1404 released

A minor update include:

  • Bump WordPress support to 3.9
  • Fixed: Strip HTML tags from post titles for sitemap_posts so those items do not appear under a < heading. Thanks to Rose for reporting it.
  • Fictitious: This release was powered by three blind mice.

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One thought on “Table of Contents Plus 1404 released

  1. Andrea says:

    Just started using this plugin and I must say IT ROCKS! Thanks for your work! Two questions:

    1) I’m having difficulty getting the page name to appear in the header text for the TOC. I put “%PAGE_NAME% Contents” in the title line and it displayed exactly that (“%PAGE_NAME% Contents”) on my website instead of inserting the actual page title. I read the help section of the widget, but it appears I’m still missing something. Can you advise?

    2) Is it possible to adjust the spacing between lines in the widget version of the TOC? Or a way to collapse sub-headings on a lengthy TOC?

    Thanks again!

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