Table of Contents Plus 1407 released


  • Added Ukrainian translation courtesy Michael Yunat
  • Added French translation courtesy Jean-Michel Duriez
  • Empty headings are now ignored, as suggested by archon810
  • Removed German translation, may have been machine translated, ref
  • Fixed: Special chars in TOC+ > Settings > Exclude Headings no longer get mangled on save. Thanks to N-Z for reporting it.

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3 thoughts on “Table of Contents Plus 1407 released

  1. Hah, beat me (N-Z actually, just on a different system here). I managed to shuffle free some time now and wanted to offer a translation myself. If there are any problems, feel free to contact me!

  2. Hi,

    I’d like to do the german translation, as I really like you plugin and would like to support it. Contact me via mail, if you like.

    You were right, the previous german translation was… unusable.

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