Table of Contents Plus 1509

  • Released: 4 September 2015
  • Added Hebrew translation thanks to Ahrale
  • Added Japaense translation thanks to シカマル
  • Added Greek translation thanks to Dimitrios Kaisaris
  • Updated jQuery Smooth Scroll 1.4.10 to 1.5.5
  • Supply both minified and unminified CSS and JS files, use minified versions.
  • Convert accented characters to ASCII in anchors.
  • Bump tested WordPress version to 4.3
  • Fixed: PHP notice introduced in WP 4.3
  • Fixed: javascript error with $.browser testing for Internet Explorer 7.
  • Plugin has moved to GitHub for better collaboration.
  • Help needed: preg_match_all failing with bad UTF8 characters producing no TOC. If you can help, please participate in this issue.

5 thoughts on “Table of Contents Plus 1509

  1. Luke Skaff says:

    Please consider adding a parameter to be able to set individual table of contents to the hide/collapse state initially, I know there is a global setting for this but would like to be able to do this on a per page basis. Thanks for making this plugin.

  2. I am using the following on a page to display specific Categories:
    [sitemap_categories exclude="1,4"]

    Is there any way to tell it to also show the number of posts for each of these categories? Also, any way for the top level Category to also show the total number of posts added up for all of the sub-categories under it?

    Top Category (want # of posts to show here)
    sub-category-1 (want # of posts to show here)
    sub-category-2 (want # of posts to show here)

    Thanks, Roger

  3. Any chance if I can show the table of contents in a “closed form” using some special shortcode?

    I use the main [toc] once in the begning.

    But then further along the page, I need to use it again but in a closed format (so user can open it himself) – any shortcode alteration that will do this ? (such as [toc_closed] etc. ?

    Thanks for your help, great plugin and I am going to write rave review about it as well.


    Ahmad Imran

    • Mike T says:

      Nope, it just outputs one index. But with basic javascript, you can duplicate the index and place it at the desired position.

  4. Elio says:

    Hi, thanks for this great WordPress Plugin. I edited toc.php because i need to show toc in a table: i had no problems, it works well.
    But i still need your help to complete the job: i just need a different output of content when there is no toc, because of missing heading tags. I Just need to show something like that:

    add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wpse_ad_content’);

    function wpse_ad_content($content)
    if (!is_single()) return $content;
    $paragraphAfter = 2; //Enter number of paragraphs to display ad after.
    $content = explode(“”, $content);
    $new_content = ”;
    for ($i = 0; $i < count($content); $i++) {
    if ($i == $paragraphAfter) {
    $new_content.= '’;
    $new_content.= ‘//Enter your ad code here….’;
    $new_content.= ”;

    $new_content.= $content[$i] . “”;

    return $new_content;

    Can you please tell me how?

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