Table of Contents Plus 1601

  • Released: 5 January 2016
  • Bump tested WordPress version to 4.4
  • Add ‘enable’ and ‘disable’ API functions so a developer can better control the execution.
  • Add Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to Blog de Niterói
  • Add Spanish translation thanks to David Saiz
  • TOC+ widget now adheres to a blank title if none provided. Thanks to Dirk for the cue.
  • Updated jQuery Smooth Scroll 1.5.5 to 1.6.0
  • Updated text domain to better support translation packs.

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4 thoughts on “Table of Contents Plus 1601

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Mike, is there any known incompatibility to PHP 7? TOC did work like a charm with PHP 56 but getting weird output with PHP 7… looking forward to your comment

    • Mike T says:

      The compensation is only applicable when smooth scroll is enabled. That in turn means that it is only applied when a user clicks a link on the page. It isn’t applied in the first instance a user enters your page.

      That said, I would like to find a CSS method which should apply in that situation.

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