Table of Contents Plus 1601

  • Released: 5 January 2016
  • Bump tested WordPress version to 4.4
  • Add ‘enable’ and ‘disable’ API functions so a developer can better control the execution.
  • Add Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to Blog de Niterói
  • Add Spanish translation thanks to David Saiz
  • TOC+ widget now adheres to a blank title if none provided. Thanks to Dirk for the cue.
  • Updated jQuery Smooth Scroll 1.5.5 to 1.6.0
  • Updated text domain to better support translation packs.

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Table of Contents Plus 1509

  • Released: 4 September 2015
  • Added Hebrew translation thanks to Ahrale
  • Added Japaense translation thanks to シカマル
  • Added Greek translation thanks to Dimitrios Kaisaris
  • Updated jQuery Smooth Scroll 1.4.10 to 1.5.5
  • Supply both minified and unminified CSS and JS files, use minified versions.
  • Convert accented characters to ASCII in anchors.
  • Bump tested WordPress version to 4.3
  • Fixed: PHP notice introduced in WP 4.3
  • Fixed: javascript error with $.browser testing for Internet Explorer 7.
  • Plugin has moved to GitHub for better collaboration.
  • Help needed: preg_match_all failing with bad UTF8 characters producing no TOC. If you can help, please participate in this issue.

Table of Contents Plus 1402 released

Available via the WordPress repository, changes include:

  • Added German translation courtesy Cord Peter
  • Modify toc_get_index API function to also reset minimum number of headings to 0.
  • Removing the TOC+ widget from the sidebar no longer requires you to uncheck the ‘Show the table of contents only in the sidebar’ option. It will be reset on removal.
  • Delay count of headings until disqualified have been removed. Thanks to Simone di Saintjust for raising it.
  • Using the TOC+ widget, you can now limit the display to selected post types. Thanks to Pete Markovic for the idea.
  • Updated translation file (extra options added).

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Table of Contents Plus 1311 released

Version 1311 is a minor update and is available via the WordPress repository. Changes include:

  • Added third parameter to toc_get_index API function to enable eligibility check (eg apply minimum heading check, is post type enabled, etc). This has been switched off by default and only affects those using the API. Thanks Jonon for your comment.
  • Added Dutch translation courtesy Renee
  • Apply bullet option to TOC+ widget, thanks to Thomas Pani for the patch.

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Table of Contents Plus 1308 released

1308 was released on 5 August 2013 with the following changes:

  • Fix javascript issue with minimum jQuery version check (broke smooth scrolling using WordPress 3.6).
  • Replaced Slovak translation with a human translated version courtesy Boris Gereg.
  • Remove signature from source when using the shortcode but not allowed to print (eg on homepage).
  • Add “separate” attribute for sitemap_posts shortcode to not split by letter, thanks DavidMjps for the suggestion.

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Table of Contents Plus 1303 released


  • New: option auto insert after the first heading. Thanks to @thelawnetwork for requesting it.
  • New: allow headings to be excluded from the table of contents. This is available both globally under the advanced section of Settings > TOC+ and individually with the TOC shortcode. Check out the help material for examples. Thanks to the many of you that requested it.
  • New: advanced option to lowercase all anchors. The default is off.
  • New: advanced option to use hyphens rather than underscores in anchors. The default is off.
  • New: shortcode to list all posts in alphabetical order grouped by first letter.
  • New: added Slovak translation, curtesy Branco Radenovich.
  • Add version numbers to CSS/JS files to better support setups that cache these files heavily for timely invalidation. Thanks to boxcarpress for the amendments.
  • Add CSS class ‘contracted’ to #toc_container when the table of contents is hidden. Thanks to Sam for suggesting it.
  • With smooth scroll enabled, do not use an offset if no admin bar is present and the offset value is default. This means that public users do not have the offset space at the top.
  • New help material for developers under the help tab.
  • Added API function: toc_get_index() lets you retrieve a table of contents to be placed within PHP. Check out the new developer help material for examples.
  • Allow anchors to be filterable using toc_url_anchor_target to customise further through code. Check the new developer help material for an example. Thanks to Russell Heimlich for the tip.
  • Adjust CSS and JS registration.
  • Updated jQuery Smooth Scroll to 1.4.10.
  • Fixed: When using the widget, addressed an issue where the index with special characters (such as ‘ and “) would not link to the correct spot within the content. Thanks to esandman for raising it.
  • Fixed: Saving at Settings > TOC+ resets TOC+ widget options. Thanks to Chris for reporting it.

If you run into issues, or have suggestions, please make them at